Monday, June 1, 2009

Test Results for New Molds

After hours of waiting I was able to conduct some tests on the new molds. They prove to be quite durable, lightweight and user friendly. Several were cast with the new resin formula so different size molds could be tested. One of the important tests was to see how well they stood up to a 10 foot drop onto concrete. The results were EXCELLENT!! No splits, breaks or cracks. A couple did get a few small pits at the corners (see photo) but nothing at all to be upset with. I don't expect folks to purposely be dropping their molds outside on the concrete but they may hit the kitchen floor.
These molds will not have a stain or sealer so there is no need to worry about flakes coming off onto your dough.

The original mold is on the left. I may tweak the color more but all those that have held them so far like them as they are. In the next photo you can see the damage to the mold by being dropped. Bottom right of photo.

I designed these molds with the baker in mind so they may not appeal to the collector. Although I do suspect the new and different designs will appeal to all that bake Springerle or other molded cookies.

Below is a photo of the recent molds we produced. I have attempted several times to get a good picture of their true color.
Some will be a bit darker and some a bit lighter. Some will have dull surfaces and others will have a shinny surface. The replicas take on the characteristics of the original mold they were replicated from. Thus, some shinny and some dull.

With the testing now complete we will begin a production schedule for the different molds. At this time it is not certain how many of the new designs we will be able to ready for this coming baking season. Already folks have been asking to reserve molds and its a good idea to do that. Check out my blog often to see what designs are coming and the dates they will be available.


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  1. I love this medium. Thanks for thinking of "the baker!" It is so frustrating to have create a beautiful cookie and then find flecks from the mold on it.
    You've created the perfect solution. Thank you!!!