Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Great Day for Accomplishments!

First I'd like to say thank you to those that have already reserved molds. We will not do any advertising for another couple months but until then we will sell molds by way of this blog. If you see a design you like please be sure to ask about the molds availability.

We were pleased with the results of our castings from last night. The weight and color are good but now we must wait a couple days before testing our molds to discover how their durability is. Pictured are some of the castings we made last night. Please note that the molds may not look the exact shade as are pictured here. I only take okay pictures but I do try to capture them as I see them. Just to give you an idea, all of the molds on this post are the same color but the camera gives them all a different look. The one most like the real color is the "Trumpeter" mold.

You may find it interesting to know also that the replica molds reflect the surface of the molds that the "Mother Molds" were made from. Wood may be dull unless it was waxed at some point, stone will be slightly shinny and other molds will as well reflect what the original was made from.

This Nativity Scene mold measures about 5 7/8" in diameter. Different times of the day today it looked either like a light pecan wood or like a light brown clay. Either way, it produces one great looking cookie. I posted a picture of the cookie produced from this mold yesterday.

This is a Springerle cookie mold with 20 different 18th century images and it measures about 8 1/4” x 5 3/8” and produces 20 different cookies that measures about 2” x 1” each. The images look to be of different professions. Well, at least most seem to be..

This mold measures about 8 1/8" x 4 3/4" and produces Springerle cookies that are about 1 3/4" x 1 1/4". They all have great details to them. The baker in the upper left looks particularly "experienced". The feathers on the birds are also seen well.

This mold I refer to as "The Colonial Hunter" and it measures about 2 7/8" x 2".

This is a new look for the "Trumpeter" mold and it measures about 1 7/8" in diameter and produces a cookie that is about 1 3/8" in diameter. This is a mold that has never before been available.

More work will be done with "Mother Molds" this weekend. Well, at least that's what I would like to work on this weekend.

Ken, The Springerle Baker

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  1. Incredible! These molds are going to revolutionize the industry! The quality and images are remarkable. Looks like you've raised the bar to a new standard. Thanks for these! Looking forward to your next round!