Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Materials and Components Arrive!

New materials arrived today that might make it possible for us to begin full production soon.
Yesterday I baked some Springerle cookies that I produced from our trial molds. The designs are all great with much detail and artistry. Here are two of the most impressive.

The Nativity scene pictured is a favorite at our bakery due to its size, depth and detail. The cookie
measures about 5 1/4" in diameter. Notice the
Kings with all their finery, the fruit on the tree, the angels in the clouds, the palm trees, the hinges on the door and window shutter, the brick work on the stable and the nicely cut deep border. We are wanting this mold to be available for purchase by late September.

The Queen is also a great cookie. The cookie measures about 9"tall x 3 1/2" wide at the base and is filled with details. Filigree, flowers, lace and jewels make up this beautiful representation of their Queen. Today was the first time I had baked this design. I had never before seen this particular design but it will become a Christmas standard for us at the bakery. Next I will see how she looks in Gingerbread. Painted with petal dust she would certainly be one of the most sought after holiday cookies!

More trials tomorrow. A new mixture was poured into a few molds today so I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow to see the results.

Comments or questions, please write.
Ken, The Springerle Baker

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