Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Most Molds not available until Spring 2010

We have gotten back very positive feedback on the molds we have sent out.
To make things smoother, we have decided to make our initial opening for the majority of our unique molds in the Spring of 2010. Some pictures of the molds to be introduced will be posted but a few will not be unveiled before they are posted for sale. A few molds will be available this Fall season. A couple never before available anywhere that will be sure to please.

We have recently added to our main site, TheSpringerleBaker.com. We have posted a small part of the Sara B. Carlisle collection. The "Adventurer" mold is fantastic with all its pictures and "possible" story.

More Later.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Yes, we can replicate your molds for you too!

It has been busy these last 2 weeks preparing a few more antique wooden molds for replication. We have also been getting new equipment in and setting it up for production. We promise to introduce some never before available molds and motifs.

A few times now since we began sharing our new venture, we have been asked about replicating molds that belong to others. The answer is yes. We can when the time permits also replicate your molds. The fee will depend on the size of the mold to be replicated and the number of procedures that are required to produce your working replica.
Generally the fee would start at about $75.00. The materials involved are expensive and it takes time. The "Mother" mold you pay for is yours. A good "Mother" mold can last for 100 or more castings before it begins to degrade. You would get the "Mother" mold and a copy of your mold. We would keep nothing except our payment. If your mold is unusual we would certainly ask about purchasing copy rights or working out something else with you. Totally up to you.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Custom colored cookie molds? Sure, we do that.

Being produced for the baker, these molds may be ordered in colors to suite your tastes. The wood look is surely the most desirable but what is most important about these unique molds are their images. So why not express your individuality with your favorite colors.

Below are some recent examples.

Pecan brown - Pale Yello/Green - Orange

Pale Yellow/Green - Orange - Pecan brown

Very light clear Rose - Minty Green - Med. clear Brown

Pecan Brown - Minty Green

After using the crystal clear multi image molds that were produced first, I'd suggest a colored mold. While pressing a large mold, say the Stuttgart Nativity, would be easier to press with the clear molds, small multi image clear molds may not be the best thing.


Friday, June 12, 2009

New Mold Releases

Our first few molds will have their initial offering through this blog. Eventually, The Springerle Baker will be carrying and selling many new never before available molds. I have been in contact with many collectors and have purchased the rights to replicate their molds. Many motifs will be common but the large multi image boards will be quite desirable. These large boards will be replicated in a limited number so that not only are they desirable due to their beauty and histories but also because of the limited available copies.

This week as with last we will be working on "Mother" molds for replicas we hope we will have time to offer this coming holiday baking season. I say hope because there are other areas of the business that is also requiring my time.
I am also working on new recipes and designs in the kitchen. I expect to introduce 2 very nice Santas this Fall that are to be used for gingerbread.

This is one of the boards we recently received from a collector and we are in the process of replicating it.
This board contains motifs I have never seen on a Springerle. I'm speaking of the skeleton reaper and the skull next to the crypt. Having held this board I can tell you that I do not believe it was the work of a master carver but it is good work. The detail of the faces is sorta primitive.

Keep in mind that all of our molds will be available in limited quantities for their first initial offering. If you see a design you like, please write and ask about reserving a copy.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Release Dates for Available Molds

On this post you will find the molds that will be available for purchase. Many designs being offered for the first time. I expect to halt mold production in early October so many molds that you see here may also be limited to the amount available for purchase.
Along with the mold you will also see the cookie that can be made from the mold. Any history or details about the molds original if there are any to relate will also be on this page. All molds will be dated with the date they were produced.
For ordering at this time, please send a note with your request and I will respond with details.

Due to lighting, some molds may be lighter or darker than shown.

As more molds become available I will be adding them here so please check back often.

TSB Nativity
Item# 1801 - $51.00
Available September 21, 2009

This Nativity scene cookie mold will go on sale September 21, 2009. $51.00
It measures about 5 3/4” in diameter and produces a cookie that measures about 5 1/4” in diameter. There is much detail packed into this cookie mold. Notice the kings with all their finery, the fruit on the tree, the angels in the clouds, the palm trees, the hinges on the door and window shutter, the brick work on the stable and the nicely cut deep border. This mold may be reserved with a $10.00 deposit to insure you will receive one. You may also send the total price of $51.00 for this mold now and receive free shipping. Your mold will ship September 21st.

Trumpeter Mold
Item #201 - $20.00
Available - Made by request at this time. No ready stock.

This mold measures about 1 7/8” in diameter and produces a cookie that measures about 1 1/4” in diameter. The detail is very dimensional and Crisp! Never before has this Springerle mold been available for purchase. A perfect one bite size!

12 Image "Balloon" Mold
Item #2301 $64.00
Available - Made by request at this time. No stock available

This mold measures about 8 1/8" x 4 3/4" and produces Springerle cookies that are about 1 3/4" x 1 1/4". They all have great details to them. The baker in the upper left looks particularly "experienced". The feathers on the birds are also seen well.

20 Image 18th Century Mold
Item #1802 - $64.00
Available - Made by request at this time. No stock available

This is a Springerle cookie mold with 20 different 18th century images and it measures about 8 1/4” x 5 3/8” and produces 20 different cookies that measures about 2” x 1” each. The images look to be of different professions. Well, at least most seem to be..

We have purchased the copyrights for our unique molds so these molds will not be available anywhere else. If it is discovered that our unique molds are being copied, we will aggressively protect our rights.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Test Results for New Molds

After hours of waiting I was able to conduct some tests on the new molds. They prove to be quite durable, lightweight and user friendly. Several were cast with the new resin formula so different size molds could be tested. One of the important tests was to see how well they stood up to a 10 foot drop onto concrete. The results were EXCELLENT!! No splits, breaks or cracks. A couple did get a few small pits at the corners (see photo) but nothing at all to be upset with. I don't expect folks to purposely be dropping their molds outside on the concrete but they may hit the kitchen floor.
These molds will not have a stain or sealer so there is no need to worry about flakes coming off onto your dough.

The original mold is on the left. I may tweak the color more but all those that have held them so far like them as they are. In the next photo you can see the damage to the mold by being dropped. Bottom right of photo.

I designed these molds with the baker in mind so they may not appeal to the collector. Although I do suspect the new and different designs will appeal to all that bake Springerle or other molded cookies.

Below is a photo of the recent molds we produced. I have attempted several times to get a good picture of their true color.
Some will be a bit darker and some a bit lighter. Some will have dull surfaces and others will have a shinny surface. The replicas take on the characteristics of the original mold they were replicated from. Thus, some shinny and some dull.

With the testing now complete we will begin a production schedule for the different molds. At this time it is not certain how many of the new designs we will be able to ready for this coming baking season. Already folks have been asking to reserve molds and its a good idea to do that. Check out my blog often to see what designs are coming and the dates they will be available.