Friday, June 26, 2009

Yes, we can replicate your molds for you too!

It has been busy these last 2 weeks preparing a few more antique wooden molds for replication. We have also been getting new equipment in and setting it up for production. We promise to introduce some never before available molds and motifs.

A few times now since we began sharing our new venture, we have been asked about replicating molds that belong to others. The answer is yes. We can when the time permits also replicate your molds. The fee will depend on the size of the mold to be replicated and the number of procedures that are required to produce your working replica.
Generally the fee would start at about $75.00. The materials involved are expensive and it takes time. The "Mother" mold you pay for is yours. A good "Mother" mold can last for 100 or more castings before it begins to degrade. You would get the "Mother" mold and a copy of your mold. We would keep nothing except our payment. If your mold is unusual we would certainly ask about purchasing copy rights or working out something else with you. Totally up to you.


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