Monday, June 15, 2009

Custom colored cookie molds? Sure, we do that.

Being produced for the baker, these molds may be ordered in colors to suite your tastes. The wood look is surely the most desirable but what is most important about these unique molds are their images. So why not express your individuality with your favorite colors.

Below are some recent examples.

Pecan brown - Pale Yello/Green - Orange

Pale Yellow/Green - Orange - Pecan brown

Very light clear Rose - Minty Green - Med. clear Brown

Pecan Brown - Minty Green

After using the crystal clear multi image molds that were produced first, I'd suggest a colored mold. While pressing a large mold, say the Stuttgart Nativity, would be easier to press with the clear molds, small multi image clear molds may not be the best thing.



  1. Can you explain this further? I'm not sure I understand why color is better in a small multi-image mold? Thanks!

  2. Thank you for writing.
    Personal preference plays the part here. The back of the mold is crystal clear while the front picks up the fine details of the wood. This gives the front of the board a slightly frosted look. Sorta like looking into a bowl of clear ice chips. When I press the board into the dough with the clear board I can see that all of the areas are filled with dough. When I press the dough onto the multi image board to capture only one or two images, I cannot always gauge properly the size of the image. This has happened while pressing with a clear board of the 18th Century images. Where does one start and where does one end. Just personal preference
    but I'm looking to share what I myself discover while using these boards. Someone else may not have the same experience I had.

  3. Yes, I see what you mean now. I just had never thought about doing just one design at a time on a multi! Makes perfect sense to me.