Friday, June 12, 2009

New Mold Releases

Our first few molds will have their initial offering through this blog. Eventually, The Springerle Baker will be carrying and selling many new never before available molds. I have been in contact with many collectors and have purchased the rights to replicate their molds. Many motifs will be common but the large multi image boards will be quite desirable. These large boards will be replicated in a limited number so that not only are they desirable due to their beauty and histories but also because of the limited available copies.

This week as with last we will be working on "Mother" molds for replicas we hope we will have time to offer this coming holiday baking season. I say hope because there are other areas of the business that is also requiring my time.
I am also working on new recipes and designs in the kitchen. I expect to introduce 2 very nice Santas this Fall that are to be used for gingerbread.

This is one of the boards we recently received from a collector and we are in the process of replicating it.
This board contains motifs I have never seen on a Springerle. I'm speaking of the skeleton reaper and the skull next to the crypt. Having held this board I can tell you that I do not believe it was the work of a master carver but it is good work. The detail of the faces is sorta primitive.

Keep in mind that all of our molds will be available in limited quantities for their first initial offering. If you see a design you like, please write and ask about reserving a copy.


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